Maestro Allemandi can choose one or more students to assist him in one of his next productions, thus offering them the incredible opportunity to deepen what they have studied in the course and learn all the secrets of this work directly from him. A scholarship will be provided to the selected students.

For the latest editions of Italian Opera Workshop four students have been selected, Mr. Etienne Ferrer from France and Mr. Federico Toscano from Italy have been invited to assist M° Allemandi at the Hungarian National Opera during the production of Lucia di Lammermoor and Verdi’s Requiem. Mr. Deun Lee from South Korea as been invited to assist the production of Il Trovatore at Teatro Coccia in Novara, where he has been hired as Assistant Conductor by the theatre. Mr. Stefano Teani has been invited by M° Allemandi to assist him at the production of Falstaff at Palm Beach Opera in Florida. 


Maestro Allemandi can choose one or more student to join him as an assistant in his productions of La Traviata in the next seasons, providing thus a unique opportunity to grow and learn directly from the master. To these students a scholarship wil be provided.

Per le ultime edizioni di Italian Opera Workshop sono stati selezionati quattro studenti: Etienne Ferrer dalla Francia e Federico Toscano dall’Italia sono stati invitati ad assistere il M° Allemandi all’Opera Nazionale Ungherese durante la produzione di Lucia di Lammermoor e del Requiem di Verdi. Deun Lee dalla Corea del Sud è stato invitato ad assistere il M° Allemandi alla produzione de Il Trovatore presso il Teatro Coccia di Novara, dove è stato assunto come maestro assistente dallo stesso teatro. Stefano Teani è stato invitato ad assistere il M° Allemandi alla produzione di Falstaff presso l’Opera di Palm Beach in Florida.